Mission Description

Heidi Escurra MD and Miranda Mize, Co-Directors


Mission Goals:

This annual mission focuses on bringing help to the province of Churcampa, Huancavelica. This
is an underserved area in the Andes of Peru at 11,000 feet. They have a medical center with
limited resources, and the nearest main hospital is three to four hours away. This mission was
founded in 2017 by Harvard Scholar, Miranda Mize, and in 2018, we helped build an operating
room which has been a crucial addition to the medical center converting it to a higher level of
care. The mission has three main foci: medical, humanitarian, and an educational aspect.


  • To expand the medical center of Churcampa. With the construction of the operating
    room in 2018, many obstetric patients now don’t need to be referred to the distant
    hospitals. Obstetric and Gynecological surgeries can now be done at this center.
  • To offer services in primary care and several specialties. During our missions, volunteers
    in primary care and specialties offer medical care to the citizens of Churcampa and
    surrounding villages.
  • To bring medical equipment and medicines. The medical center medications supply is
    scarce. During our missions, we try to bring a large supply of much needed medications.


  • To bring help and donations to different entities in need such as the volunteer
    Firefighters, nurseries, elementary and secondary schools. During our past missions, we
    have helped the schools with painting and fixing the school playground; given school
    supplies, shoes, and backpacks to the children; and brought first-aid supplies and first-
    responder equipment for the firefighters.
  • To offer a scholarship “Sponsor a Child in Need.” This scholarship will give financially
    disadvantaged children the opportunity to graduate from school by paying for certain
    fees, clothing, and other needs.


  • To organize educational workshops for the school children and adults. We are planning
    to do nutritional workshops in association with the secondary school.
  • To offer classes in English as a second language at the elementary and secondary schools.

For more information or if you would like to volunteer, please contact us at:

Churcampa2016@gmail.com; heidi_escurra@yahoo.com; or mmize@college.harvard.edu

We wouldn’t be able to do this kind of work without your donations.
Please help Churcampa now.