Mission Description

We now have two missions to two rural towns in the state of Huancavelica.  Previously, we had upgraded the regional hospital in the state capital to a level three hospital that now offers eight medical specialties (ten years ago it was a level one without any specialists).  Now that we have completed our mission in the capital, we continue with missions to the towns of Huaytara and Lircay. For the past four years, we have supported a mission in Huaytara, the beautiful archeological capital of Huancavelica.  This mission is led by Dr. Lucy Munoz Soldevilla, a native of this town and a former president of the Illinois PAMSEF chapter.  This year’s mission was delayed from April to June due to heavy rains and flooding. This year, also for the fourth consecutive year, we have supported a mission to the town of Lircay, the capital of the province of Angaraes.  The province has a population of about 65,000 farmers and alpaca ranchers, mostly of Native American descent. The town has the only province’s only hospital.  Under the leadership of former PAMS Southern California president Ralph Kuon, this mission has built a new ward, expanding the number of beds to 24 (a 50% increase!).  Yet this still falls short of the community’s needs, and we hope to expand to 50 beds in the future. In 2015, more than 1500 patients were offered free medical, dental, surgical, and holistic care.

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