Mission Description

The Center was developed as response of the PAMS to the terrible earthquake that destroyed Chincha and Pisco in 2007. This was possible with the generous contribution of members and friends of PAMS and the support and cooperation from the private sector of Peru. The center advocates for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health problems. The center operates Monday - Saturday and provides high quality care to children and adults who are treated with dignity and respect. Indigent patients are treated for free. Daily services include General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dental, lab, Xray, Cardiac imaging and Occupational Medicine. Service is by appointment. Services include but not limited to GI, Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology. From its inception, the Medical Center has welcomed 5-6 medical missions from the US in addition to the daily care at the Center. Past Missions include Nebraska, Missouri, Cleveland Clinic and Case Western, Washington DC and Illinois Chapters. The center operates with income generated from its own operations and the donations from PAMS and friends. The leadership of the Medical Center and its Board of Directors, appreciates very much the fortitude and commitment of its founder, Dr. Anibal Zambrano Burga, to the creation of this center. Anibal has passed the torch of his work to the new Executive Team, including several PAMS members. We graciously thank you for your support and commitment to the Chincha Medical Center. 

For more information contact Medical Director Dr. Manuel Valdivieso at (313) 570-4295 or email him at Manuelva@umich.edu


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