Mission Description

Dr. Victor Raul Felipa, is the Medical Director and Miss Anita Soluna, the organizer. This mission cares for villagers of 14 isolated communities along the margins of Mormon river. Where is that It is an affluent of the Amazon river, some 6 hours north of Iquitos by "peque-peque" as the local boats are named. No roads. No other manner to get there. This mission was the dream of local PAMS members, Mrs. Stella Cruz and Mrs. Anita Soluna who created it. There were absolutely No Medical Care for this communities. Now, a local Clinic has been created and local representative meet with the organizers and participate and help with the maintenance of the clinic. A doctor offers local care in weekdays and an ambulance-boat has been donated for needed transportation to the Iquitos medical network when needed. A big jump ahead of previous conditions ten years ago. PAMS teams visit the place to help twice or thrice a year.

Selva in Action, now in its 8th year: this Amazonian Medical Mission reaches out to villages near to the Momon River (six hours north of Iquitos). A cooperative clinic was created to give care to the local villagers, and to empower them by including them in the Board of Directors. This mission characterizes a new model of social and health development; it is currently reorganizing and restructuring to adapt to evolving circumstances. This California program moved to Atlanta with Mrs. Soluna, its current Director.

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