Hearts With Hope Description

Hearts with Hope Foundation's mission is to provide dental and humanitarian assistance to children with congenital heart disease in the underserved global community.

Hearts with Hope provides corrective intervention for congenital heart diseases and has evaluated and diagnosed thousands of children since its inception. They have also performed corrective surgical and catheter based interventions on hundreds of these children. The program also teaches and demonstrates cutting edge technology for heart surgery and endovascular repairs. One of HWH's priorities is to teach local physicians in order for them to perform these life saving techniques on their own. They have provided their services at the ESSALUD Hospital in Arequipa and Dos de Mayo Hospital in Lima. They have traveled to the Philippines , Honduras and El Salvador. Future missions are planned in Peru at the cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo, as well as in Ecuador and Bolivia.

The director and founder is Juan Carlos Alejos, MD Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at the University of California Los Angeles UCLA; director of the Pediatric Heart Transplantation and Heart Failure program. He is the son of PAMS Michigan Chapter Founder and he is a past president of our Southern California PAMS Chapter.

Hearts with Hope has also participated in Los Angeles cooperating with the city annual program of massive Free Medical Care; offering a team of colleagues in support of the homeless, non-insured and low income people.

We look forward with hope to the day that our leadership is renewed and a new generation of physicians will take over this task as well as continue transmitting knowledge, well-being and healing to the underprivileged.

Hearts with Hope

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Chief Operating Officer: Andrea Boddicker