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Brief CV – Dr. Ralph Kuon.

Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon                                                cardiodrrgk@yahoo.com

5654 Pickering Ave, Whittier, CA 90601

562 945 9384 (phone-fax), U.S.A.

Born in Tacna, Peru, 1938. Graduated from San Fernando Medical School, Lima Peru.  16th place amongst 320 graduates. Finished Medical School in 1964, graduation in 1965. Thesis: Penetrating Thoracic Wounds.

General Surgery Residency, School for Graduates, San Fernando Medical School. San Marcos University, at Hospital Obrero. June 1964 until June 1967:

Associated Professor of Surgery, University of Ica Medical School, from August 1967 until 1970.

Staff Surgeon at Hospital Regional de Ica, same period.

Staff Surgeon: for the Organ Transplantation Program of the Peruvian Navy, affiliated to the same program at University of Colorado, under the Chair of Thomas Starzl, M.D. 1970-1976.

Second Specialty: Cardio-thoracic Surgical Fellowship, 2 years at USC in Los Angeles, affiliated Saint Vincent’s Medical Center. Third year of training in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery,as a Resident at Children’s Hospital in Boston, University of Harvard Graduate School for Medicine. (1977-78-79).

Returned to Peru, in charge of the Cardiac Surgery Program, for the Peruvian Navy. Also private practice at  Anglo-American Clinic, from 1980 to 1982. All these years while being an officer of the Peruvian Navy, reaching the rank of Commander. Resigned in 1982. Heavy turmoil in the country did not allow progress.

Returned  to USA, 1982. Obliged with California licensing requirements by doing internship at Martin L King Hospital, Drew School of Medicine for one year, 1982- 1983. “Best Intern of the Year” award.

Private Practice as Associate to Jerome H. Kay Cardio-Surgical Group in Los Angeles 1983-1992, both at St. Vincent and Good Samaritan Hospitals. The group was the largest of its specialty in the West Coast averaging over one thousand cardiac surgeries/year, plus a mixed of lung and vascular procedures on the cutting edge of progress. We developed the technique for mitral valve repairs, the first surgeries with beating hearts off pump for coronary  bypasses, and the first non-invasive practices in Los Angeles.

Moved  to Solo practice, from 1992 until 2005, as a consultant in six hospitals. Ceased practice in U.S.A. in September 2005. Continue with Charitable Activities in Peru.

Peruvian License: Colegio Medico del Perú # 2301. Active.

Public Services.

I have been always committed to community and public service:

While in Peru achieved high Academic, Ethical and Institutional positions at a young age, namely General Secretary for Colegio Medico del Peru,

Full member (Miembro de Numero) in Academia Peruana de Cirugia, Surgical Instructor for the School of Graduates, San Marcos University. Chair of several Committees at Colegio Medico, including the -Formulation of the Peruvian Law for Medical Practice, and the Peruvian Law for Human Organ Transplantation.

In U.S.A. became the only National President for Peruvian American Medical Society,”PAMS” who was elected twice, (1987-88) and (2006-07). Creator of  PAMS Endowment Fund. 1988.

President and Founder of the International Society of Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons: Harvard  U. Alumni.

General Secretary, USA Confederation of Hispanic-American Medical Associations (CHAMA).

Past President of District One, the largest district for the California Medical Association (CMA), Los Angeles Downtown. Member of the Governing Board for the Ethnic Medical Societies Section for CMA. (1996-2004).

Languages: Command of Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French.


  • Commendation, by Colegio Medico del Peru 1975.
  • Outstanding Intern of the Year, 1983. Drew Medical School.
  • Commended by Los Angeles City Mayor, 1988.
  • Commended by Massachussets Governor 1988.
  • Honoris Causa Professor, Universidad Privada de Tacna, Medical School 1996.
  • Peruvian American Medical Society: Humanitarian Award 2005.
  • Distinguished Services Awards by: PAMS, San Marcos University, City of Ayacucho, City of Tacna,Trujillo and AIPEUC.(Asociacion Instituciones Peruanas Estados Unidos y Canada)
  • Recipient of Paz Soldan Medal, from Peruvian Government and Ministry of Foreign Relations, 06.
  • Distinguished Award: U.S.A. Congress, 2010
  • Humanitarian Award: Lending Hope Organization, California.2010
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Association of Peruvian Institutions from USA and Canada, 2010.
  • Recognitions for Humanitarian Leadership and Service, from SHINE Humanity Foundation, 2011.
  • Honorary member of National Scholars Collegiate Society, November 2012.
  • Guest lecturer at University South Western Texas and University of California-Irvine.


  • Three consecutive editions of “Textbook of Surgery” in Spanish, 1984-1992 and 2000. Coauthor: ‘Vascular Surgery” Chapter. Mc-Graw-Hill-Interamericana. Raul Romero-Torres, Editor.
  • Aneurysms of Abdominal Aorta. Ibidem.
  • Congenital Heart Disease. Co-author with Aldo R. Castaneda M.D.
  • Textbook of Pediatric Surgery, July 2006. Concytec/San Marcos/PAMS/ Author. Dr. Alejandro Jaramillo. Coauthor and Editor Dr Ralph Kuon.: In Spanish. 2nd Edition in 2013.
  • Editor: “ Galeno” Bulletin of National Confederation of Hispanic Medical Associations, 1990-1994
  • Twelve published articles in Specialty Magazines.

Medical Congress Presentations: Twenty two Paper Presentations.

Organized and Directed: Twenty three Charitable Medical Missions for Peruvian American Medical Society in different areas of Peru, mainly in Ayacucho, from 1996 up to 2006. Two Misions to Tacna, Peru.Two Missions to Trujillo and Director of seven Medical Missions to Huancavelica since 2006-2013, including the cities of Huancavelica, Lircay and Huaytara.

Advisor for the Joint Command of Peruvian Armed Forces,VRAE region, since June 2011-12. Obtained the input and  Cooperation of the Global Center for Development, Health and Environment from the United Nations, since November 2011 for a Comprehensive Development Plan for said area.

Organizer: Six International Medical Meetings.

As of March, 2013

I affirm the presented data is truthful and correct.

Dr. Ralph G. Kuon.

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