The Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) is a voluntary, humanitarian, philanthropic non-profit organization.

PAMS was founded in Atlanta, Georgia  on September 1973 by a group of physicians who graduated from Juan Werner class of San Fernando Medical School of Lima, Peru.

PAMS has the following goals:

To conduct medical missions & provide free  medical resources/health care to the disadvantaged populations in Perú

To improve medical education & promote cultural scientific relationships between Peruvian & Peruvian American physicians

PAMS has expanded throughout North America into 14 chapters in various states with over 400 medical professionals members, including physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and volunteers.

PAMS So. California Chapter was founded in June 1984 by Dr. Enrique Chang, Dr. Oscar Zambrano, Dr. Celso Rodriquez, Dr. Julio Escobar, Dr. Ralph Kuon, Dr. Guillermo Young & Dr. Jorge Flores.

Fueled by a passion to help the less fortunate, PAMS members travel to Peru at their own expense to treat those in need of medical care. To date, there have been 42 Annual PAMS conventions in various cities, mainly in Peru, with over 250 medical missions, 300,000 free medical consultations & 10,000 free surgical procedures.

With your support and generous donations, the Peruvian American Medical Society's Southern California Chapter will continue to provide necessary humanitarian aid to many in need in Peru. We appreciate and send our heartfelt thanks for your continued support.

To donate by check or money order, please do the following:

1. Specify on the check the mission you are donating to

2. Make the check/money order payable to PAMS Southern California Chapter

3. Send payment to:

P.O. Box 3589

Winnetka, CA 91396

Tax I.D. #95-4030802

Otherwise click one of the buttons below to by Debit or Credit card using PayPal.

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