The Peruvian American Medical Society Endowment Fund (PAMSEF) is a voluntary, non-profit organization PAMSEF was founded in September 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia by a group of Peruvian doctors living in the U.S. who are graduates of the San Fernando Medical School's Dr. Juan Werner Class. They are the following:

Dr. Julio Acosta, Dr. Agustin Arbulu, Dr. Yolanda Altuna, Dr. Gerado Bellodas, Dr. Rodolfo Byrne, Dr. Elma Mera Steves, Dr. Henry Remy, Dr. Victor Ortiz, Dr. Frank Pollack, Dr. Abelardo Ulloa, Dr. Augusto Paredes, Dr. Pedro Ponce, Dr. Oscar Talledo, Dr. Julio Velez and Dr. Alberto Zapata.

In January 03, 1989 the Endowment Fund of PAMS received from IRS the designation 501(c)3 EIN 38-2824781 no for profit organization and in September 01, 2014 PAMS and endowment Fund joined legally with the Name of PAMSEF.

The goals of the Peruvian American Medical Society Endowment Fund (PAMSEF) are:

  • To conduct medical missions and to provide free medical resources and healthcare to the underserved and financially disadvantaged populations in Peru, who are suffering from medical illnesses.
  • To improve medical education and to promote cultural scientific relations between Peruvian doctors, who live in the United States and doctors, who reside in our mother country, Peru.

Over the years, PAMSEF has grown and expanded throughout North America. Various PAMSEF chapters have been formally established throughout different states in the USA. There are now 14 PAMSEF chapters with over 400 medical professionals as members, including physicians, nurses, dentists, and other voluteers. Fueled by their passion to help those less fortunate, PAMSEF physicians, nurses, and pharmacists and paramedical volunteers travel to Peru at their own expense to treat those in desperate need of medical care.

Dr. Enrique Chang

There have been forty five annual PAMSEF medical educational conventions in various cities, most of them conducted in Peru, and over 300 PAMSEF medical missions conducted in different deparmentos (or states) in Peru. PAMSEF has also conducted medical missions to Haiti, Pakistan and Mexico. We (PAMSEF) have done thousands of medical consultations and about 20,000 free surgical procedures. Supported by Direct Relief International and other charity organizations, PAMSEF has donated more than $25'000,000 in medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment to medical institutions in Peru. With the help of Dr. Efrain Montesinos PAMSEF built the Institute of Cardiology in Dos de Mayo Hospital in Lima, POeru, where hundres of free heart surgeries have been performed. In the wake of ICA, Peru's devastating 8.0 Earthquake in 2007, which destroyed Chincha Hospital, PAMSEF (aided by private Peruvian institutions) built the Chincha Clinic & Community Center. PAMSEF medical missions are now hosted there on a regular basis.

In June 1984, our PAMS Southern California Chapter was founded. The first PAMS Southern California executive committee was formed by President Enrique Chang, Vice President Dr. Oscar Zambrano, Treasurer Dr. Celso Rodriquez, Secretary Dr. Julio Escobar. Our members-at-Large include Dr. Joel Arroyo, Dr. Hector Battifora, Dr. Hugo Ortiz, Dr. Guillermo Young, Dr. Ralph Kuon and Dr. Jorge Flores.

PAMS Socal has performed approximately 30,000 medical consultations and over 5,000 free surgical procedures. More than 60 of the Peruvian medical missions performed have been executed by our PAMS Southern California Chapter. These include:

  • Dr. Ralph Kuon founder of Huancavelica Mission and leader of the mission for 10 years; currently led by Dr. Cesar Aranguri
  • Medical missions in Trujillo led by Dr. Romulo Armas and Dr. Federico Alva
  • Medical missions in Huancavelica and Tacna led by Dr. Ralph Kuon
  • Medical missions in Iquitos called Selva in Action led by Mrs. Stella Cruz & Mrs. Anita Soluna
  • Medical missions in Arequipa, Lima with Hearts with Hope led by Dr. Juan Alejos, and supported by Dr. Guillermo Young and Mrs. Marelly Young, RN
  • Santiago de Chuco mission led by Dr. Pablo Perez and supported by Dr. and Mrs. Federico and Maria L. Alva and their children Juan, Rosa and Julio.
  • Huancavelica Mission led by Dr. Ralph Kuon for 10 years
  • Chincha Clinic founder by Dr. Anibal Zambrano Burga, led by Dr. Manuel Valdivieso and supported by Dr. Oscar Zambrano and Mrs. Vivian Zambrano, RN
  • Huancavelica - Churcampa led by Dr. Heidi Escurra and her daughter Miranda Mize

PAMS used to support the following:

  • Ayacucho Medical Mission led by Dr. Cesar Aranguri
  • Puno Medical Mission led by Ms. Andrea Vicich

We would like to invite all of you to become involved in our medical missions to Peru as volunteers. The reward that one feels from helping those less fortunate to better their health and change their lives significantly is priceless.

With your continued support and generous donations, PAMS Southern California Chapter will continue to flourish with our humanitarian work in Peru and throughout the world. Thousands of people have had or will have their lives and health positively and significantly changed. These friends of ours will always be grateful that their prayers for better health were answered, and now, our friends in Peru have us in their prayers of gratitude.

We would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and devotion to our humanitarian efforts. Thank you all for attending our fundraising events, for your generous donations and for your time. Our endeavors would be impossible to achieve without all of your help. United for a greater purpose, we will continue to shine a light into the lives of many and shine a light into our souls to make each and every one of us a better human being. There is no greater happiness than helping a fellow human being to have a more positive future.

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