PAMS has agreed to support an exciting new project to improve conditions for Peruvian people living in the Amazon jungle.  This project is being administered by Ms. Anita Soluna and directed by Dr. Raul Felipa, and was originally created by PAMS SoCal member Ms. Stella Cruz-Galvan.  The project strives “to promote health, education, and economic development opportunities to assist the people of Rio Momon in becoming self-sufficient.” The villages along Rio Momon in the Peruvian Amazon have been designated regions of “extreme poverty” by the Peruvian government.  The Peruvian Amazon has been neglected economically because of its sparse population and difficult access. As a result, malaria and cholera are prevalent, and sanitation is often inadequate. Those who fall ill in the selva often find it challenging to travel hours to the nearest medical post.  Even when they do reach the medical post, they often do not have sufficient medications to care for the extremely ill.  In addition, the health care workers often have limited knowledge and training, as well as poor access to doctors who can provide them with direction and guidance.